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The primary objective of the Dental Board of Australia and AHPRA is to protect the public.

You can help make sure you are getting safe care from your dental practitioner by asking the questions discussed in the above link.

gum disease affects much more than just your teeth and gums.
Gum Disease
It's more important than many people realise.
X-rays let the dentist see what's happening in out-of-sight areas such as under the gums.
Why do i need x-rays?
This is why we recommend them evey 2 years.
The dentist is looking for more than just cavities.
Say "Aahh"!
Another reason to make you visits 6 monthly.
Positive early experiences will set kids up for a lifetime of effective dental visits
When should i take my child to the dentist?
Start by bringing them along with you so they can see that going to the dentist can be a positive experience.
 fissure seals prevent the need for fillings
Fissure seals
information about why fissure seals are often recommended.
Music can motivate kids to brush for longer
Fun is a great motivator for better dental health.
If you have trouble getting your kids to brush for long enough play their favourite song and get them to brush along.